Myanmar is a country that has been overlooked by people and many charitable organizations in the west for a long time. This could mainly be due to the fact that foreign missionaries have been banned from the country since its independence in 1948.  The fact is many of the people in the country of Myanmar are poor and impoverished.  The standard of living for the majority of the country is low and is considered one of the poorest countries in South Asia.  Many families do not have the finances to own a home for themselves. People within these tribes are so poor that many may only own one or two pairs of clothing and their families are living in huts made of bamboo and straw.

There are a large number of children that have lost parents because of disease and warlike conditions. Many children have parents who have given them up to mercy homes to be taken care of because of financial burden and struggles on their family.  Since economic hardship and war-like insurgent fighting plague and exist in many regions within Myanmar, the need for an orphanage ministry is very much needed and appreciated by the locals.  The loss of parents and of homes has become the main casualties of fighting and giving the children loving home is essential in Myanmar.

Establishing an orphanage ministry is a great way to minister and to share the love of Christ.  SATO has begun its orphanage ministry by sponsoring orphanages and mercy homes where families have given up their children because of the fact they cannot provide loving homes for their child. These Children will still only get a fourth grade education until better schools are built.  Many orphans and mercy home children have been blessed by ministries that have been developed by graduates who studied in Myanmar Evangelical School of Ministry.  In 2018, we were able to purchase land with ample space to operate our School of Ministry and an orphanage ministry of our own.  In the land vicinity, there is a school for children to attend classes and learn. If we can find the right partners, we can immediately build an orphanage to show the love of Jesus Christ and create a wonderful learning environment.