What we do

Within a few years of its inception, SATO has established its presence near Lashio City in Myanmar.  SATO’s School of Ministry was established in 2015 in Myanmar as an evangelical school of ministry that equips its students and ministers with the correct biblical knowledge.  Our School of Ministry had launched 2-year degree programs to equip and train students for ministry.  We have also started pastoral training courses which are geared to strengthen Christian ministers with correct bible-based theology so they are equipped to fulfill their call to make disciples of all nations.  

SATO has also been involved in training and helping church planters after their program as well as introducing them to a fellowship of ministers and churches known as the Myanmar Evangelical Christian Alliance (MECA).  This fellowship of ministers and churches was established by local leaders to strengthen evangelical ministers by providing an environment of unity with one another, which intern helps and spiritually strengthens them to do ministry.  We are currently sponsoring orphanages and mercy homes that were started by graduates of our school of ministry.  The vision of our orphanage ministry is to share the love of Jesus thru taking care of children by providing a place of care as well as helping children learn about Jesus as Lord.  There are still other areas of ministry that we would like to be involved in but we are still waiting on God’s direction in when to proceed. 

School of Ministry

There are just a handful of training or theological schools in Myanmar. While courses in a few schools are getting better, many schools are still not adequate enough for discipleship making and training for ministry.

Orphanage Work

Myanmar is a country that has been in need for humanitarian aid and christian care. Compassion Care ministries are a great way to show the love of Christ and raise up children with the knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Fellowship of Ministers

The fellowship of ministers that our student are involved is known as Myanmar Evangelical Christian Alliance (MECA). MECA identity and foundation is based on core evangelical teaching.

Future Projects

Based on current needs in many tribal areas in Myanmar, Medical Clinics & Elementary schools are a few possible projects that we can be involved in to do compassion care ministry.