Myanmar Evangelical School of Ministry

It is important to know that there are just a few major theological schools in Myanmar. While courses in those schools are getting much better than before, many people from tribal areas are not seeking to study in these schools. Why is that happening? First, to be accepted and trained in these developed theological schools, an individual needs to have at least a high school diploma or its equivalence. The reason that many individuals from tribal areas are not biblically trained is mainly due to the fact that many tribal groups only have up to a 4th-grade education level. Education of high school level is not commonly found among many tribal groups in Myanmar. Another reason is the costs of education for these schools are not affordable for people in poor village areas. In order for a student to go, they would need the support of the whole community to send one student to these theological schools. There are also a handful of local training schools but many do not properly train or teach students with God’s word. After their education in those schools, students that attend will be left alone with no further relationship with their school, teachers, or other classmates.

2 Year Degree Programs

In 2015, Myanmar Evangelical School of Ministry began offering two 2-year degree programs. Our robust coursework and practical ministry are geared to better train and equip students from tribal areas who desire to pursue their call to ministry but may not have the same educational background that a four-year bachelors course may require. Through these courses, God has allowed SATO to reach the gospel message into tribal areas where our students can enter but others from different groups may not be able too. Though their previous education level is below standard, our class work is geared to help them to get the best training for their ministry. Students are currently coming from areas where individuals have never heard the gospel before. Some students are coming from areas where there is minimal understanding of the Gospel and/or have been indoctrinated by false doctrines and teachings. Many students are now coming from areas 5 hours away, to attend our theological degree courses. Also, while it does cost money to build and run a school, Myanmar Evangelical School of Ministry is offering free theological training. That alone has opened the door for more to come and train in Gods Word.

Pastoral Training Courses

In 2015, Myanmar Evangelical School of Ministry began offering Pastoral Training Courses. These courses are geared to better equip current pastors and church leaders from tribal areas who have a desire to pursue their call to ministry with the correct evangelical doctrines. As mentioned in Our Vision page, false teaching has also crept its way in the churches in the areas where the gospel has been preached.  It has made it difficult for many pastors to come out of their situation and receive true deliverance by learning the teachings of Jesus Christ, to preach and teach the Word of God correctly, and following him as well as make disciples of Jesus Christ. These are typical problems that are found in southern Asia. While in some areas of this region Christian missionary influences can be felt from years ago, there is still a great need for correction and uprooting of false teachings and heretical doctrines that has made its way into the church.  A spiritual awakening is needed among indigenous pastors, leaders, and believers alike. If indigenous leaders are able to correctly divide the Word of God, they can also be effective in reaching and making disciples with sound teaching within their own churches and tribal areas.