opportunity to participate in a fellowship of ministers

MESM alumni have the opportunity to participate in a fellowship of ministers known as Myanmar Evangelical Christian Alliance (MECA). MECA’s identity is based on the core evangelical stand that the essence of the Gospel consists of the doctrine of salvation by grace alone and solely through faith in Jesus atonement. Once students have gone through Myanmar Evangelical School of Ministry, leadership of MECA in Lashio will spend time with them to encourage them and guide them spiritually with their ministry.  Students will have the opportunity to join the fellowship of ministers as a member and have other ministers who will teach, encourage, and pray for them. As they do ministry, the fellowship leadership team will further evaluate the call of God in their lives.  Depending on their call, ministers maybe offered further opportunities such as affiliating their churches or other ministries (ex. orphanage Ministry) if they desire to do so.  They can then continue with the fellowship of ministers where they can continue to study, pray, and encourage each other in the Lord. 

It is hard to do Christian ministry alone. With the difficulties that come along with serving God, ministers need to have a team of prayer warriors that will stand with them as they go and do ministry. Having support from other believers is very important especially when you go to regions that are unreached and where there are no believers present. One then becomes the lone voice in the mission field. With the help of other fellow ministers who stand in the gap for them through prayer and fellowship, ministers will be able to receive encouragement and strengthened by other ministers who go through similar struggles in serving God as walking forward in their own calling from God on their lives. Through the fellowship of ministers, SATO will also have the opportunity to help them and give them direction on how to proceed forward in their own ministry. The fellowship of ministers will help make and also share strategies for mission so members can use it in their own respective ministries.