Medical Clinic & Kindergarten Projects

There are a few possible projects that are currently before us. Currently, the village that our school of ministry is located in does not have a hospital or medical clinic nearby. The village people have a desire to build a medical Clinic soon. Likewise, a kindergarten for the village children and the orphans that we will have is also currently not available. Land for both of these projects have been designated and set aside by the community for these purposes but as of now resources to begin and complete these projects are not available. Whether we are involved or not, these facilities will have to be built. SATO has a great opportunity before us to bless the community by being involved in these projects.

Compassion Care ministry is an important part of Christian ministry as it shares God’s love for the people of the world. We can be involved in this important ministry by helping the community build these facilities. These projects have various benefits for the village and for us. The projects will not only help us share the love of Christ to the community we are in but will also help our students and orphanage ministry in the long run as these are essential needs for our campus and orphanage ministry. Our students and orphans will be coming from other regions of Shan State. By building a medical clinic and a kindergarten, we can build a stronger relationship with the village which will help our vision in Myanmar and help establish our school’s presence in the village. It will also help our efforts in bringing the community to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.